Removal Instructions

Follow these instructions when sending mail to

Information To Provide To Us

Provide the following information to us when sending your removal request:

  1. The sender name and email you see in the From field of the email.
  2. Your email address, but preferrably the "envelope sender" if you know how to get that information.
  3. Date when you received the mail.
  4. The mail you got

If you can, please include all headers, they have a lot of information in them that help us find your address and remove it.

Where To Send The Information

Send your mail, in plain text, with attachments if needed, to:

Please allow a week for processing. We'll send a reply when the removal is done. To speed up the process, please pay attention to provide all the information we need.

Koodiviidakko Oy, Business ID: FI19399621, Oulu, Finland